Safe and efficient equipment for secure and on-time delivery.

Image of a white Volvo transport truck

The Transpro fleet consists of 53' dry and refrigerated vans powered by late-model company-owned and owner-operator tractors. We have a combination of day cabs and highway units and utilize a trusted network of partner carriers to create comprehensive LTL and Truckload coverage for our clients.

Along with a proactive maintenance program and fuel-saving enhancements, we provide specialized training and optimized route planning to decrease our footprint on the environment.

Modern power units

Our fleet has better up-time and runs more efficiently by operating up-to-date trucks with an average lease of three years. Drivers enjoy the safety of active driver assist and collision mitigation technology.

Efficient trailers

Canadian-made lightweight trailers keep freight secure and environmentally sound. Super single tires reduce fuel use by 3%, while trailer skirts reduce by 5%.

A culture of Sustainability

Our impact on the environment and its mitigation informs how we operate. Our dispatchers plan direct routes to avoid traffic slow-downs. TransPro drivers practice better driving practices and follow our no-idle policy. We run well-maintained, late-model trucks have with aerodynamic bodies and low resistance tires. We are certified members of environmental programs Fleetsmart and Smartway.


Super single tire fuel savings


Trailer skirt fuel savings

Average power unit lease length

Smart spaces

Our warehouse is fitted with high efficiency, sensor-activated lighting, and independent controls for the facility's cross-dock, storage, and distribution areas. New technology has allowed us to retrofit our forklifts with catalytic converters to reduce emissions further.

A paperless process

In our offices and trucks, we are working towards a paperless future. EDI billing and electronically scanned bills of lading reduce our paper use throughout the freight lifecycle. Advanced, connected Electronic Logging Device (ELD) tablet allows drivers to fill out reports and manage documents digitally.