Keeping it Cool.

We operate a fleet specialized for transporting your temperature controlled commodities. With TransPro, this service is primarily used with truckload requirements of perishable food commodities out of the U.S. Southwest, shipping to Canada.

Refrigerated service across North America

More importantly, our "keeping it cool promise" is referring to how quickly our people react, make informed decisions and keep things cool while dealing with the dynamic nature of cross border shipping. Appointment deliveries, customs clearance, compliance issues and emergency requirements of all shapes and sizes are part of our day to day duties. Our experienced team takes the weight off our customers' shoulders and ensures promises are kept and timelines are met.

It's one of the many reasons that companies trust Transpro to perform and by doing so, you are left with one less thing to worry about... the transport of your LTL and truckload freight between Canada and the USA!